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Crown Select is unique in that we are the only cabinetmaker that sells customized inset or frameless cabinetry direct to the builder, remodeler, designer, and homeowner on a national and international scale.

We make it easy to get the cabinetry that is an ideal fit for your home, whether it’s for the kitchen, bath, bedroom, laundry…you name it!

In order to provide you with an accurate quote, we need four points of information from you:

  • Your room measurements
  • List of appliances (if applicable)
  • Wishlist
  • Budget

Let’s take it step by step > >

Step 1: Measuring Your Room

The first step to getting a quote will require you to break out a tape measure (or digital measuring device) and document the lay of the room.

  1. Grab your tape measure and a notebook (digital or pad and pencil). Do a quick sketch, drawing the walls, and indicating any doors, windows, wall bump-outs, fireplaces, etc. Use our sample room below as a guideline.
  2. Now, starting at any corner, measure from there to the first thing indicated on your sketch. (It may be a door or window casing, or maybe where the wall turns 90 degrees. Every home is different!) Now start from that point, and take your next measurement. Remember, measure to the outside of all casings.
  3. Continue on for the rest of the room in the same fashion, measuring and jotting down the results.
  4. Once the whole room has been documented, check your work by adding up the total length of each wall. Remeasure if you get different overall lengths for two walls that should measure the same!
  5. When you are satisfied with the results, there’s one more type of measurement that should be taken: Floor-to-ceiling height. (You may need a measuring buddy for this) Starting in a corner (it doesn’t have to be tight to the walls, a couple of feet in will work fine) measure from the floor to the ceiling. Do that for each corner, and note it on your sketch.

Now that Step 1 is done, hang on to your sketch, and let’s move on to Step 2…

Step 2: Appliance List

The next step for information we need is an appliance list (if the room will have appliances, of course. If the room you’re measuring has no appliances, please proceed to the next step.) If a kitchen or laundry room is being planned, having a list of your intended appliances may seem unnecessary at this point. However, it is quite to the contrary! Providing this information means that our designers will be able to give you as complete a plan as possible. This doesn’t mean you won’t be able to change your mind, you can!

On page 2 of your notebook, jot down the appliances that will go into each room; either the brand and model or the size.

Once you have that information noted, or if the room in question has no appliances, please proceed to Step 3

Step 3: Idea Wishlist

A wishlist is simply a list of specific choices that, a: you really can’t live without, or b: you really can’t live without. You get the idea…things or items that your designer should know about in order to provide you with the most personalized design.

Idea starters:

In the kitchen

  • Including a pantry cabinet in your layout
  • A breakfast bar off the island
  • Specialty storage (unusually small, large, vintage, etc)
  • A baking prep center
  • Desk area
  • Pet item storage
  • In your notes, write down each aspect that’s important to you. The more you provide, the more personalized your designed space can be!

In the bath

  • Vanity for His ‘n’ Her sinks
  • Linen cabinet
  • Bench seating
  • Open shelving for display

In other rooms

  • Hamper storage in the laundry room
  • Mudroom bench seating
  • Component storage for devices in the living room
  • Bookshelves

Our talented designers will work very closely with you to incorporate your desires!

Everything written down? Let’s move into the home stretch: Step 4!

Step 4: Budget

For anyone that has been through any remodeling job, you’ve learned that total budgets are quite easy to calculate:

(1) Decide upon the absolute maximum you wish to spend, and not one penny more.

(2) And then…double it.

(We see a bunch of nodding heads, all saying, “Been there, done that.”)

Well, then, what do you budget? Far be it from us to tell you how to allocate your funds, so we’ll stick to what we know: The average cost for our cabinetry for a Crown Select kitchen. The magic number range is $30,000 to $35,000. Sure, your cabinets may run less (or more), based upon many factors, but at least this provides you with a starting point.

At the end of your notes, jot down the number you are comfortable with.

At the risk of pointing out the obvious, we create your custom cabinetry, we don’t do appliances, countertops, flooring, lighting, etc.

Well, not this year, anyway. 😉

OK, you’ve got all your information together. Now what?
You can give us a call (keep your notebook handy!) or email us, and one of our in-house designers will be able to discuss your cabinetry project with you. (If your notebook is digital, you can attach your documents in your email. We accept all types of formats: pdf, Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.)

Any questions along the way? Email us or contact us at 603-542-3399! We look forward to hearing from you!

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