Edge Protectors

In the normal course of using your cabinetry, some edges could be subject to more wear and tear than others. For example, the top edge of the door for a recycling cabinet, or perhaps the top edge of an applied dishwasher panel. If your project involves either or both of those, our standard is to apply a stainless steel edge protector. Available in four different finishes: Stainless Steel, Antique, Brass Tone, and Black. Note: The door hardware (the handles) are shown only for illustrative purposes. No knobs, pulls or handles are supplied with edge protectors. Clients are free to choose and apply all hardware of their choice from sources elsewhere.

Satin Stainless

Edge Protector - Satin Stainless
Recycling Bins

Satin Brass

Edge Protector - Satin Brass
Recycling Bin

Warm Bronze

Edge Protector - Warm Bronze
Recycling Bins

Flat Black

Edge Protector - Flat Black
Recycling Bins
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